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Coats RC Models Accessories

We sell parts and accessories for the Coats RC15a and RC15aa tire changer.

If you don't find the part you need listed or just need some help, please call us at 1-800-749-5990.

Demount Head Lower Insert Set Of 5 (SKU: 11100107)

Nylon Inserts for the Lower end of the Mount/Demount Head to Protect Delicate Rims. Pack of 5

Demount Head Plastic Insert Pack OF 10 (SKU: 11100106)

Nylon Inserts for the Upper end of the Mount/demount Head to Protect Delicate Rims Pack of 10

Tire Changer Air Pressure Gauge (SKU: 9700101)

Air Pressure Gauge 0 - 175 PSI

Muffler (SKU: 6960)

Muffler for 4 Way Valve 1/4-8NPT. For Coats Tire Changers

Rotary Coupler RC15/20 (SKU: 230827)

Rotary Coupler RC15/20 (183830)

SCREW FOR 183061 DUCKHEAD (SKU: 106302)

Mounting Screw for 183061 Nylon Demount Head. Fits Coats Tire Changers with tapered end to vertical shaft.

Demount Head Nylon Head Only (SKU: 450310)

Nylon Mount/Demount Head ONLY for Non-tapered Vertical Slide Shaft(181769).

Roller - Conical (SKU: 322738)

Conical Roller for the Mount/Demount Head for Corghi Tire Changers

Demount Head Metal (SKU: 258458)

Metal Mount/Demount Head for Non-tapered Vertical Slide Shaft.

Demount Head Nylon Assembly (SKU: 250309)

Nylon Mount/Demount Head Assembly for Non-tapered Vertical Slide Shaft. Contains Mounting Bracket/ Hardware and Nylon Mount/Demount Head.

Tire Changer Bead Lift Tire Tool (SKU: 181354)

Bead Lifting Tire Iron for Rim Clamp Tire Changers

Bead Lift Tire Tool Protector (SKU: 11100104)

Plastic Tire Iron Cover Prevents Tire Damage.

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